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Spyder | NBS


February is Black History Month and reflecting Spyder's goal of providing elite skiing opportunities to underrepresented communities Spyder is delighted to announce that it has become an official title sponsor of the National Brotherhood of Skiers

After being introduced to each other in 1972 by a mutual friend, Ben Finley and Art Clay brought together 13 black ski clubs for an inaugural event first dubbed "A Happening". The new group settled on Ajax Mountain and changed the gathering's name to the Black Summit with the goal of "identifying and discussing problems and subjects which were unique to the black skiing population, ski and socialize."

Spyder looks forward to sharing, learning, and growing the world of skiing with this incredibly passionate group of skiers.

Spyder's goal as an organization is to provide elite skiing opportunities to underrepresented communities through our scholarship program. Watching others you relate to is one of the best ways to fuel motivation and drive to excel. As category leaders Spyder strives to step up and do what is right. There is an entire segment of the population that has been ignored because of access and connectivity. Spyder's goal is to change that. Providing opportunity and raising awareness is only the first step.

Spyder and the National Brotherhood of Skiers have come together to elevate opportunities for those coming from underrepresented communities in the sport of competitive skiing. Spyder's goal is to provide access for qualifying individuals to equal coaching, training, education, and evolution in the sport of skiing. Thus, providing a pathway to the Olympics, University Programs, or Competitive Instruction through our newly established scholarship program where we will select 3 athletes each year to pursue their dreams.