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Everyone thinks when the snow melts it's holiday for me, but in actuality it's the time where I put in the most work to prepare for my ski season. I focus on exercises that allow my body to repair and recover from a strenuous race circuit. Currently, my daily routine consists of endurance and conditioning to create a foundation for base strength for late summer when we shift focus to heavy lifting. While this training may not be perceived as work, I'm generally putting in a hour and a half every day at the gym. During this time, it's crucial to listen to my body and allow for recovery before jumping back into the thick of pre-season training.

Nature's night light

Because I spend most of my time on the mountain during the winter months, summer is spent in the gym shaping my fitness and endurance for the entirety of next season. My main job during winter is focusing on racing, which involves quite a bit of travel from one place to another. While racing and traveling takes a toll on your body, I know the work I do now allows me to compete and ski at the highest level and maintain my fitness throughout the entire race season. Approaching the starting gate with confidence in my body's strength is my motivation to get up each morning, train for hours in the gym and dial my equipment on hill.

Off-season is also a time to build and restructure my team and equipment for the winter. This includes organizing and testing next year's skis, boots, and bindings. I generally receive 12 pairs of skis each year, which I then use on snow to evaluate which setup will be the fastest. I am looking forward to taking some time off on holiday and getting back to work, refreshed and ready for a new season. The mental and physical preparation I do over the summer will mean I am able to make a strong start in upcoming season.


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