Our Sustainability Story - World Environment Day

Our Sustainability Story - World Environment Day

Happy World Environment Day from everyone at Spyder Active Sports! As the effects of humans' environmental impact become more and more pronounced, it’s important for us at Spyder to conduct business in a way that is as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. As skiers and outdoor enthusiasts, issues such as climate change threaten the activities we cherish. Today, in celebration of World Environment Day, we would love to share a little bit about what we do to help protect our planet.


Skiing Tahoe

Eliminating Chemical Coatings:

One of our main initiatives we have been working towards in the past couple of years is getting rid of all water-resistant coatings containing PFCs (per and polyfluorinated chemicals). PFC coatings make jackets water and wind-resistant. While PFC’s are great for making DWR’s (Durable Water Repellents), some of them can be harmful to the environment, specifically those that are highly fluorinated, bioavailable and biodegrade at an incredibly slow rate. In addition, as these coatings degrade, they have the potential to break into tiny particles and become widely dispersed throughout the environment and contaminate water supplies. At Spyder, we partnered with Gore-Tex and all of our products made with Gore-Tex contain PFC free coatings that do not harm the environment without sacrificing performance.

Recycled Materials:

Another initiative we have been pursuing is the utilization of additional recycled materials in our products. One of the main ways we have incorporated recycled materials is within the insulation in our jackets. Our jackets containing Primaloft, down and down-proof are insulated with 100% recycled materials. In addition, we strive to incorporate recycled nylon as well as polyester in our products wherever possible. By recycling materials, we avoid landfills, save energy and the environment through eliminating the need for material refining and processing.


Our Materials:

The materials we use that are not recycled are sourced sustainably and responsibly. For example, our T-Shirts are made with 100% organic cotton and printed using environmentally friendly soy-based inks.


Moving Forward:

As we grow, it is imperative we continue to be environmentally conscious and innovate to be as sustainable as possible. Looking forward, we have many new and innovative ideas we are excited to incorporate into our business. We have begun machine weaving some of our fabrics to eliminate wasted materials that are a byproduct of cutting and stitching. In addition, we are looking for other ways to use more recycled materials in our products while also ensuring they are as environmentally friendly as possible. One final exciting innovation we are working towards is a non-carbon based durable water repellent. This would eliminate PFCs all together and would significantly reduce our environmental impact. Non-carbon based durable water repellents, unlike PFCs, would require no laminate and would produce zero waste water.  


When you are shopping, or driving to your favorite ski resort, keep in mind your environmental impact. From carpooling, to shopping recycled and chemical free products, you can help to reduce your environmental impact. 


Are you still reading this? Get outside and enjoy Mother Nature!