What can be said about my dad, Scott Nyman? Simply put, he's been an incredible influence in my life. Whether it be in my ski career or through learning life's lessons, I hear my dad's words of wisdom constantly running through my head.

While coaching the Inaugural Down hiller Speed Camp recently, I was surrounded by staff made up of World Cup stars and coaches including Daron Rahlves, Leanne Smith, and Chris Brigham, just to name a few. I've learned a lot from these people and It's been an immense pleasure to work with them. Despite the invaluable things each they've taught me, it was the words of my dad that stood out: "You are the best coach, listen to yourself....train to create good habits, not bad ones"...., among countless other things. It 's these small messages from my data that I found myself passing on to the camp kids. Realizing how influential my dad has been in my life has been something quite special and sharing those messages with next generation of skiers meant a lot to me.

The lessons my dad taught me in skiing also apply to my everyday life, and being a new father makes these lessons even more poignant. If I can have the same influence on my daughter as my dad had on me, I'll consider myself a proud, successful parent. My dad has been an incredible example and motivator, am I'm grateful for all he's done for me. Happy Father's Day, dad! Love you!


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