Kids Sustainability

Kids Sustainability


The warmer we are, the happier we are. And the happier we are, the more seamless an entire ski day is. So we know how maximizing warmth for little rippers is essential to minimizing parent frustration and frequent hot chocolate breaks. Made using post-consumer recycled water bottles, this synthetic insulation keeps water bottles out of landfills. Its synthetic nature ensures that even when wet, it doesn't stop doing its job from keeping your little guys warm.

In other words, PrimaLoft®'s Black Eco Insulation has all of the benefits of traditional down without any of the downside. So we put 133g of industry-leading synthetic insulation into our Kids' Jackets. Which means less breaks, and more time spent chasing your mini me to the bottom.

Kids Sustainability



Skiing outerwear requires a whole lot of polyester to protect us from the elements, and traditionally, that process requires petroleum among other fossil fuels in order to create materials that provide the water resistance we need. So we source REPREVE® specifically, who have recycled over 22 billion plastic water bottles in the manufacturing of their polyester. To put that into perspective, recycling these bottles saves them from ending up in our oceans, in addition to:

  • Generating enough energy to power 189,249 homes for 1 year.
  • Providing 2.3 million people daily drinking water for 1 year.
  • Improving air quality by avoiding 517 million kgs. of CO2 emissions.

So, you can feel a little bit better knowing those weekend drives to the mountains with the kiddos is marginally offset by purchasing outerwear with REPREVE®.



Kids grow. And we know as well as any parents how frustrating it can be to have to buy a whole new ski kit for your kids every season because they're a few inches taller. On top of which, waste of all kinds is one of the greatest polluters. This is why we include an extra 2" of garment material pre-hemmed in many of our Kids' apparel, especially our Little Kids' line, so your little ones can get an extra season out of their favorite ski jacket or pants.

Room to Grow