As one the most decorated women in Olympic history, Julia Mancso is a shining example of the hard work and commitment associated with being a champion. And though her rise to podium after podium is solely hers. She credits her family, particularly her mother and sisters, as her foundation for success.

Growing up in squaw valley, Julia, the middle child of three girls, learned early about building a competitive edge, "My sisters and I always pushed each other to break the boundaries we placed on ourselves April and Sara continually nourished my belief that I could do whatever I wanted and be successful in all my pursuits."

The same is true for Julia's mother, Andrea, who leads an abetting chant (Julia! Julia! Julia!), At every race, many times propelling Julia to the win. "my sister and I were raised in an environment full of love but we weren't a family of handouts", Julia says. "my mom expected us to work for everything we had. She thought us that nothing comes without the price of sacrifice but the reward is so worth the work."

This ethic applies in Julia's life well beyond skiing. She's also an entrepreneur and philanthropist, dedicating much of her time to worthwhile causes. She gives 100 percent of herself in all that she does and here success in every pursuance is evidence of her unpresented determination to rise. "you only live once" Julia Says, "you have to make the most of the ride!"

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