Maddie Kaiserman University of Utah ski racing athlete factory team

Factory Team Update - Maddie Kaiserman

Hello everyone! My name is Maddie Kaiserman, and I am 19 years old. I am an alpine skier proudly representing the Spyder Factory Team. Hailing from Park City, UT, this marks my second year with the Spyder family. Joining this team and company has truly been one of the best opportunities I've experienced in this sport. The past year and a half have been an incredible journey filled with numerous ups and downs, and I feel fortunate to have Spyder right by my side.

I vividly recall the moment when I first received the news of my selection for the Factory Team. I had applied earlier that year and, to be honest, had somewhat forgotten about it. However, upon receiving the invite, I was overcome with joy. Joining the ranks of so many of my idols who have worked or are still working with Spyder felt like a dream come true.

Maddie Kaiserman Spyder Factory Team Athlete and university of Utah

Last season, I made the decision to take a PG year with the Park City Ski and Snowboard team. I knew I wasn't quite ready for college and was on the brink of making the US Ski Team, though not quite there yet. While uncertain about my next steps, I was determined to continue pursuing my ski career. I dedicated the winter to hard work, aiming for results that would keep my options open. Starting the year with a top-10 NorAm finish, I maintained momentum throughout the season. Despite feeling that my race results didn't fully reflect my skiing ability, I was encouraged by the noticeable improvements in my technique.

Highlights of the season included being selected for a race/training camp in Europe with the US Ski Team, achieving podium finishes, and qualifying for US Nationals and NorAm Finals. As the season progressed, I pondered my plans for the upcoming years. I knew I wanted to continue skiing and sought an environment where I could grow as both an athlete and a person.

Upon receiving a phone call from the University of Utah coaches offering me a spot on their roster for the next four years, I was beyond thrilled. Utah felt like the perfect fit, offering outstanding academics, a supportive training environment, and incredible people. The offer aligned perfectly with my goals, allowing me to join the reigning National Champions while remaining connected to the Spyder team. The collaboration between Spyder and Utah promised exciting opportunities, and I eagerly anticipated what the future held.

However, just a week after receiving the news from Utah, I sustained an ACL tear while training for the US Nationals and NorAm Finals. The abrupt turn of events felt devastating, but I underwent surgery and embarked on the journey of recovery. Despite the challenges, I am grateful for the experience, which taught me the importance of living in the moment and fueled my determination to return to the sport I love.

Currently, I am back on snow, gradually progressing toward competitive racing. While I may likely red-shirt from this year's college season, I remain hopeful of participating in a few races before its end. I am immensely grateful for the support of Spyder and the Factory Team, who have been integral in my journey.

See you on the slopes, Maddie