May 19, 2012

Ring of Fire Tour

On Saturday May 17, 2012, Chris Davenport and Jess McMillan completed the Volcano Tour by scaling and skiing Mt. Baker in Washington – their 15th volcano in 14 days!

Their accomplishment is truly amazing, and a lot of things had to come together to make it a reality – they were blessed with near-perfect weather, were joined by supportive friends along the way (including fellow Spyder athlete Daron Rahlves), had the benefit of nutritious and power-packed menus from Whole Foods Market, and were able to recharge their batteries in the Spyder Land Yacht between volcanoes.

All in, they traveled well over 100 miles on their feet, and ascended close to 80,000 vertical feet!

From Chris's blog May 8, 2012.

"I wish my words could clearly convey just how much fun we are having on this road trip. From the amazing Spyder Land Yacht and all of its comforts, to the amazing people and their positive energy we have met along the way, to the truly fantastic skiing on our first four volcanoes, it’s been an epic trip by any measure.